Eddy Marcano is one of the great violinists and Venezuelan directors also recognized as one of the leading exponents of the instrument across the continent. As an instrumentalist he is first violinist of the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra, a position with which he has received the highest decorations.


As a soloist he has performed with major orchestras, receiving the highest praise. He has participated in national and international festivals in almost all of Latin America as well as Germany, Spain, United States and London.


He lived one of the most important moments of his career, when the teacher Sergio Bernal he composed a concerto for violin and orchestra especially for him, based on the joropo "El Tamarindo". This piece was released worldwide with the Symphony Orchestra of Utah, USA, where Eddy Marcano received a long standing ovation. Specialized press reported the best reviews that gave the back to the mainland.


As a teacher he has taught violin and workshop owner of Simon Bolivar Conservatory of Music and the Emil Friedman School. He also served as president of the Nueva Esparta Symphony Orchestra Foundation and Director of the Children's Orchestra of Montalban Academic Center. He has been commissioned music for UNESCO and OAS in creating youth and children's orchestras in Honduras, Mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay, Guatemala and Puerto Rico Music 100x35 as violin teacher and director. He joined the faculty of the conservatory Itinerant Andean CAF. He is a member of the Music Council of UNESCO Venezuela.

Eddy Marcano has another musical side that finds inspiration in the Venezuelan folklore element that makes it a versatile musician. It is even considered one of the leading exponents of traditional Venezuelan music.


He has been part of the groups only 3, Opus 4, Arcano and Onkora. In addition, he has two solo albums published under the "Venezuela on violin" project. Currently he is working on the third volume of the series, which is to show the different sounds of the country taking the violin as lead instrument. In May 2012 he named his first DVD recorded live Compai's Between May 2010 at the Centro Cultural Corp Banca, which featured world class artists such as Francisco Pacho Flores and Rafael Brito chicken, as well as new talents of Venezuelan youth.


In 2008 he debuted in New York in the Latin American Week festival directed by Placido Domingo, Paquito D'Rivera and Polly Ferman, including concerts at the Americas Society.


He works in the symphonic rock music as a violinist by grouping Sibelius concerts that the group gave at the Centro Cultural Corp Banca and in the Mozart Room of the Emil Friedman School. He was also the director of the first concerto for electric guitar and orchestra that was done in the country, played by Sibelius and the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Chacao.


As a conductor he has studied with teachers José Antonio Abreu, Castilian Pablo, Sergio Bernal and Ulysses Ascanio. He has been director of major Venezuelan orchestras. His foray as a conductor is so outstanding that in recent years has been invited to direct and give master classes in countries like Colombia, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay and Guatemala.


It has developed an important production with Dapa Foundation in Houston with the prima ballerina Maria Fernanda Urbaez, extending to Venezuela with Latin American symphonic dance with the system of children's and youth orchestras in Venezuela.


Eddy Marcano made an important tour to the US in October 2009, experiencing one of the most important moments of his career when he received a standing ovation after her performance at Carnegie Hall in New York, one of the most prestigious musical venues around the world. He also made a live recording at the Americas Society. Fiddler acted in company with Gustavo Caruci on guitar and musical director, Hector Molina in the fourth and Jose Puente on bass, tour that included the cities of Houston, New York, Washington and Pittsburgh in the latter city received a proclamation from Governor Pennsylvania as a Latino artist in commemoration of Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States.


He currently serves as Artistic Director at the Music Conservatory Simon Bolivar.


"Eddy Marcano, is one of the most prominent musical figures of the new generation of our country ... coupled to their exceptional human condition, high sense of professional responsibility and genuine artistic vocation consecrates him as one of the greatest and most visionary leaders". Latin American musical process. Maestro José Antonio Abreu - Founding Director of the National System of Youth and Children's Orchestras of Venezuela.







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